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George Mason has caused a stir in Summer Bay with a surprise Home And Away return

''Returning just to shake up Tori and Christian’s relationship?''

By Maddison Hockey
Stay calm Home And Away fans, another of your nostalgia faves has been spotted on set!
Following on from the return of River Boy Heath Braxton (played by Dan Ewing), who made a brief Summer Bay comeback this year, George Mason, who played Martin "Ash" Ashford has been hanging around Palm Beach.
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Penny shared this sweet snap from set. (Insatgram)
Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Penny McNamee, who plays Tori on the soap, posted a photo of herself alongside George.
"Look who just surprised us on set!" she captioned the pic. "(P.S Never trust a man who has better hair than you). #george #ash"
Is this just a friendly visit or could we see Ash make a cheeky cameo like Heath earlier this year?
Tori and Ash's romance crumbled. (Channel Seven)
Speculation was quick to arise in the comments as fans wondered the very same.
"Returning just to shake up Tori and Christian's relationship??" asked one follower. "Hoping not as Tori deserves happiness.
Another was less convinced that the photo meant Ash would be back, writing, "I'm not holding my breath. But secretly wishing they would bring back Ash and the Braxtons."
Could Ash return? (Supplied)
Tori believed Ash was the love of her life – the man she wanted to settle down and start a family with.
But, that dream began to crumble when Ash kidnapped Mick and threatened to kill him out of fear he would try to see baby Luc after being released from prison.
Struggling to comprehend what Ash had done, who he really was and whether she could move past it, Tori broke things off with the hunky blonde.
Ash threatened to kill Mick. (Channel Seven)
Kiwi-born George left Home and Away in 2018 and at the time, the actor described his exit as "bittersweet".
"It was hard to leave, but I was ready to move on," George told TV WEEK.
"It was time to spread my wings and see what other opportunities are out there."

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