Home and Away

"So disappointing": Fans divided over Home and Away's 2020 finale as they question the supposed cliffhanger

Some wondered why the show's Witness X twist from a few weeks ago hadn't been held for the finale.

By Jess Pullar
It's the moment Australian soap fans look forward to with much anticipation every year.
They're usually left reeling, wondering and frantically researching for spoilers as to what happens next (or in the new year when the show returns, more accurately).
But when this year's season finale finally aired, a distinct lack of, well, anything came from it - and going by what viewers are now saying, it seems things were a little... um... underwhelming.
In the promised "cliffhanger" finale, fans caught a glimpse of Kieran's dark past, a possible love interest for Jasmine, an unclear future for Colby and a very steamy moment between Ziggy and Tane.
But in comparison to other finales where dramatic car crashes or terrifying explosions leave lives in the balance, or beloved characters make a shock departure, the 2020 finale wasn't quite cutting it for many.
Colby's future remains unclear on the hit soap. (Channel Seven)
On Home and Away's official Instagram page, a number of fans called out the underwhelming episode.
"I feel like the finale should have been a few weeks ago when Willow was found to be witness X! That was more exciting.. can't say it was much of a "cliff hanger" really," one fan wrote.
"Disappointing finale , I saw the cliffhanger that happened at the end in the promo for the finale. Was just like a normal episode of Home and Away," wrote another.
"The worst season finale, boring and disappointing with no cliffhanger," one added.

On another post explaining a little more about Ziggy and Tane's road to romance, more comments revealed fans' despair at the lack of suspense and drama to unfold.
"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT," one fan wrote.
"Where was the cliff hanger???" another pondered.
"The best part was what happened with Willow [Witness X] the other week, it should of ended on that," one added.
Ziggy and Tane finale gave in to their feelings - but fans were underwhelmed. (Channel Seven)
With that said, there's certainly no denying Home and Away continues to have a hugely loyal fan base - one that will continue right into its 2021 season.
And dramatic finale or not, the lives and loves of Summer Bay's locale will forever intrigue us.
Bring on 2021, we say.