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A surprise baby, shock collapse & an unexpected steamy romance: Home And Away's new teaser has sent fans into meltdown

Strap in Summer Bay fans.

By Maddison Hockey
Despite 2020 feeling like the longest year in history, we're only three-quarters of the way through the year.
In the eight months or so that Home And Away has been back on air this year, however, they've managed to pack in what feels like more drama than ever.
We've had a whole new family welcomed into Summer Bay, favourites say their goodbyes, tragic deaths and uplifting moments in between.
Now, a new trailer released for the show is teasing even MORE edge-of-your-seat moments to come.
Tane makes a move on Mackenzie in steamy scenes. (Channel Seven)
The clip, which actress Penny McNamee shared on her Instagram, has fans freaking out – and for good reason.
One shock revelation which shows newcomer Amber confessing to Dean that she is the father of her child – woah! – has fans particularly concerned.
After Ziggy made the difficult decision to say goodbye to her parents as they departed for Italy, to continue her life in Summer Bay with Dean, fans are panicked this shock twist may send her packing.
"Pls Ziggy and Dean don't leave!" one fan commented on the video.
Whether this is enough to send the young couple packing, is yet to be seen.
Dean can't believe what he's just heard. (Channel Seven)
Another point of concern for viewers is the glimpse of Justin collapsing while at work.
We see the mechanic suddenly collapse, knocking over a canister of fuel as he falls. The accident seems to occur while he is alone, begging the question: Will someone find him before it's too late?
Justin's life is on the line after a shock collapse. (Channel Seven)
There also appears to be romance on the horizon for a few of our favourites including Colby, his younger sister Bella and her squeeze Nikau who are in the midst of running away together and Mackenzie whose feelings for brother Tane and Ari are still torn.
What is exciting fans most however is a potential connection between Tori and the hot new doctor, Dr Christian Green.
You could cut that tension with a scalpel! (Channel Seven)
In just seconds worth of footage the chemistry between Tori and Christian is already overwhelming.
After so much trouble finding love, fans are ready to see the stunning doctor find romance once again.
"I'm not crying at all! I can't wait to see Tori happy," one fan wrote of the scenes.
"So excited for Tori's new storyline," another added.

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