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Home And Away cheating scandal! A steamy kiss could change one favourite’s future forever

Trouble in Summer Bay.

By Tamara Cullen
There's nothing Colby won't do to protect his family and friends – even if it means betraying the man who can send him to jail. And this week, his flirty escapade with Taylor will put everything at risk…
In recent episodes of Home And Away, Colby (Tim Franklin) has felt the pressure to hide his murderous secret from Detective Angelo (Luke Jacobz), but the odds are against him.
He and Dean (Patrick O'Connor) are guilty of shooting dead Ross (Justin Wozniak) – and Colby's sister Bella (Courtney Miller) is on the cusp of spilling their secret.
After meeting Angelo's wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson), Colby clocked their marriage woes and concocted a dangerous plan: seduce Taylor and seek information about the case.
Angelo's creeping closer to solving the case. (Channel Seven)
At the police station, Taylor arrives to take her husband to dinner. Angelo has been working non-stop on the case and their relationship is running a poor second to his ambitions. With Taylor dressed for a night out, everyone in the precinct notices her – except Angelo, whose eyes barely leave his computer.
"Angelo is very dedicated to his job and Taylor is trying hard to keep the work/life/love balance between them," Annabelle tells TV WEEK. "With Angelo so consumed by the case, Taylor finds herself spending a lot of time alone. It's strained."
Feeling abandoned and humiliated, Taylor storms out. She sits down with her only friend in town, Colby, who is more than happy to be a shoulder to lean on.
Taylor offers Colby a free massage as a thank you for introducing her to Willow (Sarah Roberts) – the gym connection opens up several opportunities for her massage-therapy business.
Taylor gets touchy with Colby, offering a free massage. (Channel Seven)
Colby happily accepts. Moments later, Taylor begins the massage.
But the muscle tension isn't the only thing in the room.
The policeman uses all his charm to extract information about the case from Taylor – and on her part, she seems to enjoy the attention.
"Colby and her meet at the police station and from there they strike up a friendship," Annabelle explains.
Tensions escalate between the pair. (Channel Seven)
"Taylor has no idea what's happening or why Colby is getting so close to her. She sees a kind man lending an ear and they enjoy spending time together. Little does she know."
After the massage, Taylor vents her frustrations about Angelo. The couple laugh as they exchange stories about their past, their chemistry growing stronger with every moment.
Then, without thinking, they draw close and share a steamy kiss. Uh-oh!

Amber confesses her feelings for Dean

Becoming a father to Jai has changed Dean's entire world. Not only is he learning the joys of fatherhood, but his bond with Amber is stronger than ever.
Unfortunately, his girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is struggling to accept his new life.
With Dean's relationship on the brink, Amber (Maddy Jevic) boldly seizes the opportunity to tell him how she really feels. During a family outing on the beach, she expresses her love for Dean and asks him to give her a chance. They can raise Jai (River Jarvis) as a family.
Amber wants to raise Jai with Dean. (Channel Seven)
"They share a child together and that's a bond like no other," Maddy tells TV WEEK. "Dean was her childhood love and she would love to rekindle a connection between them."
Knowing he might risk losing Ziggy for good, Dean rejects Amber's advances and makes it clear that they will co-parent Jai, but nothing further will happen between them.
Ziggy is distraught by what she's seeing unfold. (Channel Seven)
Meanwhile, Ziggy is walking nearby and spots the trio hanging out together.
Holding back tears, she wonders if it's time to let Dean go…

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