Home and Away

Flirting with danger! Home And Away’s Colby will do whatever it takes to find Bella

Starting with Angelo's wife Taylor!

By Tamara Cullen
For a man on the brink of losing his career and freedom, manipulating those around him might seem a risky move. Yet Colby will do whatever it takes to keep himself and his sister out of jail.
This week, the policeman finds a way to keep on top of the murder investigation when he meets detective Angelo's (Luke Jacobz) wife.
On the beach, Colby (Tim Franklin) is questioned, once again, by Angelo, who has given his sister Bella (Courtney Miller) a deadline: if she doesn't complete her police interview in the next 72 hours, he'll issue a warrant for her arrest.
Angelo is taking the case seriously. (Channel Seven)
In recent episodes, the teen fled Summer Bay with boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo). She was worried she would botch her interview and put Colby at risk – who, as viewers are aware, is guilty of shooting dead his abusive stepfather Ross (Justin Wozniak).
"Bella is in constant doubt of her ability to lie and get away with it," Tim, 29, tells TV WEEK. "She thinks leaving is the best option, but it only spikes Angelo's interest in her involvement in the case. Colby's concern is to keep Angelo busy until Bella surfaces."
But in the rugged Australian landscape, the couple are lost and panicking. Hot on their trail is Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), Tane (Ethan Browne) and Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who are desperate for their safe return.
Bella and Nikau are on the run. (Channel Seven)
Running out of time and daylight, Nikau convinces Bella to find help. He leaves her momentarily and flags down the nearest car – which just so happens to be Ari, Tane and Mac. Giving in to their demands to get in, he takes them to Bella – who has packed up and fled. Where has she gone?
Back in Summer Bay, Colby learns of his sister's latest escape.
As he thinks what to do next, an attractive woman walks into the Diner and says she's looking for Angelo. She's his wife, Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson).
What's is Colby up to with Taylor? (Channel Seven)
Suddenly, Colby has a new plan. Striding up to Taylor, Colby uses all his charm to introduce himself as a colleague. Then, he pries into her life.
"Taylor is a massage physiotherapist and has followed Angelo to Summer Bay in the hope of setting up a new, quiet life where they can concentrate on their marriage and start fresh," Annabelle, 32, explains.
The cop's mind ticks over as he contemplates what to do next. Be careful, Colby!

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