Home and Away

BUSTED! Home And Away’s Colby and Taylor are caught out as their steamy affair heats up

''She’s finally feeling the way a woman in love should.''

By Tamara Cullen
What started as a brief fling has turned into a reckless romance on Home and Away between Colby and Taylor. And this week, Bella goes to extreme lengths to stop her brother before it's too late…
But will Angelo (Luke Jacobz) find out first? The focused detective has been looking for ways to pin the murder of Ross (Justin Wozniak) on policeman Colby (Tim Franklin) ever since he arrived in Summer Bay.
At the same time, Colby has been doing his own police work to ensure his family don't become suspects. Unfortunately, his solution was to seduce Angelo's wife Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson). Now, the couple are hiding their liaisons with illicit hook-ups at the nearby motel.
Colby and Taylor have been secret meeting up. (Channel Seven)
While Colby is simply using Taylor to extract information about the case, she's drawn to his attentiveness – something lacking in her marriage.
"Taylor has worked on her marriage with Angelo for years. However, no matter how hard she tries, he's fully dedicated to the case and fails to give her what she needs," Annabelle tells TV WEEK.
"When Colby comes into her life, she's vulnerable and he provides that company and comfort she's needed from her husband all these years."
But how will Taylor react if she discovers Colby's motives?
Uh-oh! (Channel Seven)
The following day, Taylor is shocked to learn Willow (Sarah Roberts), Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Bella (Courtney Miller) all know what she's been up to.
While Colby downplays his fallout with his sister and friends, the recent bust-up between him and Dean is enough to sow doubt in Taylor's mind.
"Dean is beginning to think Colby is only looking out for himself," Patrick, 28, tells TV WEEK. "Resentment begins to build between them."
Taylor resolves to end the affair.
But surprisingly, Colby begs her not to. Despite planning to use her to elicit information, he's grown to have feelings for her. Taylor hesitates, but knows her marriage is over…
"Taylor does feel remorse," Annabelle explains. "However, when she sees Angelo isn't focused on repairing their marriage and that Colby appreciates her, she's finally feeling the way a woman in love should, and embraces it."
Bella busts Colby in the lie. (Channel Seven)
Colby then tells Bella and Willow the relationship is over… before meeting Taylor for another night of passion.
What Colby doesn't realise is that Bella can see through her brother's lies. When she follows the pair to the beach, she sees them kissing and captures their tryst on camera.
A few days later, she corners Taylor, reveals the incriminating evidence and warns her to back off. Will her threats be enough to end the steamy affair?

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