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Home & Away shock finale: Colby’s life is on the line as he’s surrounded by dangerous prison inmates

''Colby’s situation in jail is pretty bleak.''

By Tamara Cullen
Life will never look the same for Colby. But can the disgraced policeman, who's now a convicted criminal, survive jail being surrounded by the very men he put there?
During a tense week that ends on a shock cliff-hanger, Colby (Tim Franklin) will realise he has plenty of enemies inside – and they want one thing: revenge.
In the courtyard, he roams alone, trying to distract himself. He worries for his sister Bella (Courtney Miller), who has lost more people than she can bear.
This latest blow could bring her undone.
His thoughts are interrupted by the guard, who announces he has a visitor: Jasmine (Sam Frost).
As he waits her arrival, Colby tries to put on a brave face. But inside, he's crumbling…
"Colby's situation in jail is pretty bleak, but he doesn't want to bring more people into his mess," Tim, 29, tells TV WEEK.
Things are looking bleak for Colby. (Channel Seven)
Jasmine is anxious to see her friend, but is worried for his wellbeing. Despite his conviction, she's convinced he's still a good guy. His stepfather Ross (Justin Wozniak) had to be stopped – at any cost.
"Colby and Jasmine have been through so much together; he's her best friend," Sam, 31, tells TV WEEK.
"Jaz is fiercely loyal, and she loves Colby very much, so it's a no-brainer for her to visit him. While she knows he's done the wrong thing, she also knows he's a good person. Ross was a dangerous, violent man, so she can understand why he did it."
As she collects her belongings from the security scanner, she's stunned to see a familiar face.
"What are you doing here?" she exclaims as she runs over to him for a hug.
Jas is surprised by a familiar face. (Channel Seven)
Dressed in scrubs, Lewis (Luke Arnold) explains that he works in the infirmary at the jail from time to time. It's clear the two share a history and perhaps, have some unfinished business.
With Colby waiting, they say goodbye – but not without Lewis suggesting they have a coffee soon. Jasmine smiles and they make plans to catch up.
"Lewis and Jasmine went to university together to study nursing, 10 years ago," Sam explains. "They had a fleeting moment together, but then he went on to marry Jasmine's best friend Anna."
Could this be the start of something special? (Channel Seven)
In the visitors' area, Jasmine embraces Colby – or at least what's left of the man she knew.
In his green prison uniform, Colby looks dishevelled and disheartened. When casual conversation fades, Jasmine asks him how he is. Colby offers a reassuring look, but doesn't let on how he's really feeling. Jasmine says her goodbyes with a "take care of yourself".
That afternoon, as Colby paces the jail, a crew of inmates surround him. They recognise his face… it's one they'll never forget.
Now, they want him to never forget them…
Is Colby's life in terrible danger?

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