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Home And Away beach BRAWL! Tensions between Colby and Angelo are about to reach breaking point

''Angelo goes into hunting mode.''

By Tamara Cullen
On the surface, Colby and Angelo have remained cordial and accommodating toward each other as the murder investigation unfolds. But this week on Home And Away, the simmering tension between them finally erupts in a vicious brawl on the beach!
The action begins when Angelo (Luke Jacobz) ramps up his police tactics. The detective has long suspected Colby (Tim Franklin) is guilty of murdering his stepfather, Ross (Justin Wozniak).
But proving it has been far more difficult than he expected. Particularly when, unbeknown to him, Colby is sleeping with his wife Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson) in order to stay one step ahead of the case!
Now, Angelo ramps up his efforts to put Colby behind bars.
Tensions are about to come to a head between Colby and Angelo. (Channel Seven)
"Angelo goes into hunting mode, he focuses on getting the job done," Luke, 39, tells TV WEEK. "He knows Colby is a River Boy, so that puts him on his bad side straight away. He pushes aside everything else in his life for the case."
Desperate for clues, Angelo takes to eavesdropping on private conversations. He quickly learns Dean (Patrick O'Connor) has been absent from the surfboard shop and that his personal life is in turmoil.
He uses the information to put pressure on him and his ex-girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). Neither divulges any information, but the conversation is enough to rattle them. Dean, angry and tired, lashes out at Colby.
"While they've been the closest of mates for a long time, Dean feels that Colby isn't considering his situation at all," Patrick tells TV WEEK.
Taylor tries to get her husband to calm down, little does he know she's sleeping with Colby. (Channel Seven)
The following day, Colby takes action to get Angelo off their tails once and for all. He finds an old newspaper article that blames Angelo for bungling a former investigation. He asks Taylor about it, who adds that the story almost ruined his career. Satisfied, Colby files a harassment complaint with the police. That should do the trick!
Naturally, this doesn't sit well with the police force, and when Angelo is informed of the allegations, he hunts down Colby, the pair coming to blows in an angry confrontation at the beach.
This won't be good! (Channel Seven)
Dean, Willow (Sarah Roberts) and Taylor try to restrain the warring police officers as locals stare aghast. Seething, Angelo quickly gathers himself… but not before vowing to bring them all to justice.
Watch your back, Colby – literally!

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