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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away’s Christian fights to save Rachel as her condition takes a turn that leaves her clinging to life

Is this the end for her?

By Stephen Downie
He came to her rescue before, but can Dr Christian save Rachel's life when her condition nosedives in this week's emotional Home And Away?
As fans know, Christian (Ditch Davey) and patient Rachel (Marny Kennedy) have bonded as she recovers in hospital from a horrific skydiving accident. But their friendship has come at the expense of the doc's relationship with Tori (Penny McNamee), with the couple calling off their engagement.
After he was almost killed by crazed nurse Lewis (Luke Arnold), Christian believes saving Rachel was his destiny.
Destiny or luck? Seven
"Tori can't see that after his life was almost taken, he's trying to find his confidence and power again, and is trying to do that through helping Rachel," Ditch, 48, tells TV WEEK.
This week, Christian finally takes off Rachel's halo brace and tells her the good news – she's ready to leave the hospital.
Rachel reaches out to touch Christian, and in that moment it's painfully obvious she has feelings for him. But when Christian realises he's been giving her mixed messages and tries to explain there's nothing more than friendship between them, Rachel is left confused and heartbroken.
Can he save her once again? Seven
"Christian has been there for her since the start of her time in hospital, and she's developed feelings for him, based on the fact he's been her anchor," Marny, 27, explains. "She's also terrified of stepping outside of the hospital, away from Christian."
Later, Rachel suffers complications we can't divulge, and Christian again uses all his skills to stop Rachel from dying, as Tori assists.
"He believes he was given this second chance to save Rachel and nothing will come in between that," Ditch explains.
Christian pumps Rachel's chest, desperately trying to save her.
But can he do it this time?
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