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Home and Away's Christian has had it with Tori: "I'm moving out!"

Is this the end for Tori and Christian?

By Stephen Downie
They were once one of Summer Bay's most beloved couples.
But doctors Tori and Christian's romance flatlines this week when he decides to move out. Is it really over between them?
In truth, things have been going downhill for Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey) ever since the neurosurgeon impulsively stopped to help skydiving accident victim Rachel (Marny Kennedy).
Tori was incredulous he chose Rachel over his impending nuptials.
Tori and Christian are having relationship trouvles Channel Seven
This week, Jasmine (Sam Frost) urges Christian to talk things out with Tori, but instead of going home to his fiancée, Christian has a heart-to-heart with Rachel. He tells her he believes they have a deep connection.
Christian says he survived his kidnapping ordeal at the hands of crazed, syringe-wielding nurse Lewis (Luke Arnold) so he could save Rachel.
She's floored, telling him she'd be dead if it wasn't for Christian hadn't stopped to help her.
"Christian comes along like a ray of light," Marny, 27, tells TV WEEK. "They bond through that shared experience of facing their own mortality.
Later, when Tori and Rachel come face-to-face, Tori accuses her of being overly involved with her fiancé. When Christian and Tori try to talk things out, it's clear Tori can't get her head around what she thinks is an obsession with Rachel.
Tori thinks Christian is too focused on helping Rachel recover after her accident. Channel Seven
"I think, while it's hard for a lot of people, such as Tori and even Jasmine, to understand, it's pretty clear what draws these two together," Marny says of Rachel and Christian.
"And that is, their appreciation for being alive."
Her heart broken in pieces, Tori breaks down as Marilyn (Emily Symons) tries to comfort her. When Christian once again tries to explain himself and his reasons for helping Rachel, he digs himself deeper into a hole.
Feeling like he has no choice, Christian tells Tori he's moving out. One last ditch effort from Tori to persuade him to stay amounts to nought.
What a mess!

Drug despair!

Justin overdoses on dodgy drugs he bought online in this week's nerve-racking episodes. It's not the first time he's overdosed on painkillers – but will it be his last?
What started as treatment for a surfing accident has turned into a full-blown addiction to painkillers for Justin (James Stewart). On the surface, he appears to be doing all he can to kick his habit, this week telling Leah (Ada Nicodemou) he has a new doctor who is helping him go cold turkey.
But this is a big lie. Once Leah leaves the garage, Justin gets the shakes and wearily takes some of his dwindling supply of drugs.
Alf and Leah are desperately worried about Justin. Channel Seven
"Things are definitely getting a bit too much for Justin," James, 45, tells TV WEEK.
"He's using any excuse to be able to behave like a victim and get medication."
When Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) shows up at the garage, hoping to get her job back after an erratic Justin fired her, he's almost busted ordering more pain meds online.
Ziggy demands to know why he fired her – and Justin lies, telling her she stuffed up a job.
His painkillers arrive in the mail and Justin gets his fix – and then he greedily takes even more until … Leah finds him slumped in the garage.
Will he live?

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