Home and Away

Home And Away: After his brush with death, Christian is living life on the wild side!

Following his close call, Christian finds himself pushing life's boundaries

By Stephen Downie
Desperate to feel a rush of adrenaline, Christian throws caution to the wind 
in this week's Home And Away, jumping in the ocean fully clothed with Jasmine, skinny-dipping and pushing the pedal to the metal in his car.
But the surgeon's impulsive behaviour leaves his fiancée Tori rattled.Christian (Ditch Davey) hasn't been the same since his recent near-death experience that saw revenge-fuelled Lewis (Luke Arnold) attempting 
to kill him with a drug-filled syringe.
Jasmine and Christian get a bit wet and wild together. Channel Seven
Now, for the first time, the doctor wants to embrace life.
In this week's eye-opening episodes, Christian is at the beach with nurse Jasmine (Sam Frost), when they spontaneously decide to dive into the waves with their clothes on.
We can only wonder what Tori (Penny McNamee) will make of him frolicking in the surf with a scantily clad woman.
Christian is trying to live life to it's fullest. Channel Seven
"Christian is feeling grateful and wants to live in the moment," Ditch, 48, tells TV WEEK.
"He doesn't want to take anything for granted and he's enjoying this new freedom."
Buoyed by the experience, Christian gets up at dawn to watch the sunrise from the beach.
Next, he strips naked and runs into the water. Tori, who's out for a morning walk, catches him at it and is horrified.
"Christian can understand why Tori feels he may be being a little irrational or unpredictable, but in his mind, he's just living life to the fullest," Ditch explains.
Christian's rash decisions lead to a showdown with Tori. Channel Seven
Later, Christian, on a high after his nude antics, suggests he and Tori go Arctic free-diving in Norway.
But Tori can't believe he's still thinking about what she considers reckless behaviour when what he should be focused on is their upcoming wedding.
It leads to a massive argument, with Tori telling him she wants the old Christian back.
Following his shift at the hospital, Christian jumps into his car and, ignoring Tori's phone calls, guns it.
Is he heading for disaster?

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