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The end of an era? Home and Away's Ben and Maggie film heartbreaking farewell as they get ready to leave Summer Bay

We're not ready for this...

By Tamara Cullen
Tears will flow in Home and Away this week as Ben and Maggie leave Summer Bay for good.
The married couple, who faced their biggest hurdle of late, are ready for a fresh start and intend to live out their days in sunny Italy.
While the news of Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie's (Kestie Morassi) departure hits their friends hard, daughter Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) spirals into depression.
At the farmhouse, the Astoni's spend their final night drinking champagne and reflecting on their time in Summer Bay.
Not all of it is heart-warming, of course, with many tears shed over Ben's depression, Ziggy's crumbled marriage to Brody (Jackson Heywood) and Kestie's cancer battle – and more recently, Ben and Maggie's relationship crisis after it was revealed Maggie slept with his brother years ago.
As time ticks on and bags are packed, Ziggy worries what her life will be like without her parents.
Then, Maggie finds Ziggy's old wedding album, which they both accept as closure.
Later that night, however, her boyfriend Dean (Patrick O'Connor) finds her looking at the album and crying over what's been lost…
Maggie and Ben have been through a lot - is it time to finally move forward? (Channel Seven)
"They've always been in it together and they've been through so much," Sophie tells TV WEEK.
"She's lost. Where do you go from here?"
The following day, Ben and Maggie are surprised with a farewell lunch hosted by Alf (Ray Meagher) and the Summer Bay community.
In an afternoon on the beach, Justin (James Stewart), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Marilyn (Emily Symons), Ziggy, Dean and Alf sit down for the celebration – and later, are joined by John (Shane Withington), much to Marilyn's dismay, who arrives in his wheelchair.
The Astoni family are looking at a very different future - but they had the ultimate Summer Bay send off. (Channel Seven)
As the sun goes down and the couple prepare to embark on a new chapter, Alf shares a toast a bright future and a long, happy life together.
We'll miss you Ben and Maggie!
An emotional farewell awaits two of the show's most beloved characters. (Channel Seven)
  • Justin and Leah find their feet again while looking at Ziggy's old wedding photos. Is this happy pair ready to walk the aisle?
  • Bella (Courtney Miller) defies her brother Colby to be with Nikau. Yet, she silently fears being together again could cause her anxiety to trigger.
  • Ryder (Lukas Radovich) struggles with the imminent passing of his ill father.
Bella faces some tough realities. (Channel Seven)

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