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Home And Away shock love child! Ari breaks up with Mackenzie... who is secretly carrying his child

Things just got VERY complicated.

By Stephen Downie
Mac drops a bombshell on Ziggy in this week's Home And Away – she's pregnant with Ari's baby!
But what should be a happy time is anything but, with Ari dumping Mac before she has a chance to tell him her shock news.
Now, a devastated Mac (Emily Weir) is not only unsure how she's going to tell Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), but whether she wants to keep the baby at all.
Devastated, Mac turns to Ziggy for support. (Channel Seven)
The arrival in Summer Bay of Ari's ex, Mia (Anna Samson), has stirred up old feelings, like dust at the Tamworth rodeo.
"Ari never stopped loving Mia – many things were left unresolved between them," Rob tells TV WEEK.
This week, Ari finally tells Mac he's breaking up with her.
"After spending time in prison, Ari has decided to live by a new set of rules and tries to be as honest as possible," Rob says.
"He loves Mia and Mac, which is why he needs to break up with Mac and figure out his feelings for Mia and what her being here means to him."
Mia's arrival has cause controversy. (Channel Seven)
A distraught Mac unloads to Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who tells her she should tell Ari about the baby, but Mac isn't ready to cross that bridge.
Meanwhile, Ari is keen to move on with Mia, but when the two bump into each other at the gym, it's nothing short of awkward.
"Ari doesn't actually tell Mia he's broken up with Mac, so Mia remains guarded and communicates with him like he's still in a relationship," Rob says.
When he finally does tell Mia, will she fall for Ari's manly charms?

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