Home and Away

Trouble in paradise? Home And Away’s newcomer Mia threatens to come between Ari and Mackenzie

''Her presence brings up memories that Ari believes he had buried.''

By Stephen Downie
One moment Ari and Mac are in the throes of a blissful romance in Home And Away.
The next, their happy days are a world away now that his ex, Mia, is in the Bay.
When Mac (Emily Weir) spies Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mia (Anna Samson) having an intense chat, she fears the worst.
Is Mac losing her man?
Mac spies an intense chat between the exes. (Channel Seven)
Ever since Mia showed up, looking for her daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett) – also Ari's stepdaughter – Mac and Ari have struggled to be together.
Ari and Mia, however, are spending plenty of time in each other's company. This week, after a morning at the beach, Ari asks Mia to breakfast – which flows into an invitation to a Parata family barbecue.
"Her [Mia's] presence brings up memories that Ari believes he had buried," Rob reveals.
When Mia shows up at Salt to grab some beer for the thirsty folk at the barbecue, she unwittingly shares the details of the event with a surprised Mac.
Hang on, where's her invite to the Parata barbie? She's still Ari's girlfriend, isn't she?
Did Mac's invite get lost in the mail? (Channel Seven)
At the barbecue, it's Ari's brother Tane (Ethan Browne) who questions him as to where Mac is. Even Mia is curious as to why she isn't there.
"Mia is hoping she won't get in the way of Ari's new life or relationship," Anna tells TV WEEK.
"She has no bad feelings towards Mac, despite it being a little strange for her."
Mac arrives and is suspicious of what she's seeing. (Channel Seven)
Ari and Mia continue their conversation in private at the side of the house.
But what they don't know is that Mac, who has arrived at the barbecue to sort out things with Ari, catches the two former lovers sharing a private moment.
She decides to flee the scene before anyone notices she's there.
What were Ari and Mia talking about? And what will it mean for Mac and Ari?

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