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Fan favourite Angelo returns to Home & Away this week, but not in the way you'd expect

There's unfinished business where this copper is concerned.

By Tamara Cullen
Long-time Home And Away fans are in for a treat when a familiar face arrives back in town this week - but not everyone is welcoming.
While fixing a boat engine on the pier, Alf (Ray Meagher) is approached by a man he knows all too well.
Alf is momentarily taken aback by the man's sharp suit and assured manner, but there's no mistaking his identity: it's former cop Angelo Rosetta, who left Summer Bay nine long years ago.
The pair exchange pleasantries, but Angelo (Luke Jacobz) isn't in town to catch up.
He's investigating the discovery of Ross' (Justin Wozniak) body, which was found on the outskirts of town, and is on the hunt for the killer.
He asks where he can find Colby (Tim Franklin) and his sister Bella (Courtney Miller) – it's urgent.
Angelo takes Alf by surprise as he returns to The Bay. (Channel Seven)
"Angelo's different this time around," Luke, 39, tells TV WEEK. "He's grown up a lot and isn't mucking around anymore.
"He's always loved being a cop, but when he had the run-in with the River Boys all those years ago, he hung up the badge. He and Nicole [Tessa James] split and he refocused on the force to become a detective.
"He doesn't want to make friends – he's there simply to get his man."
Alf, still stunned by how Angelo has changed, suggests the police station as the best place to find Colby.
Angelo heads off to locate him…
Angelo is seeking fellow cop Colby... (Channel Seven)
A few hours later, after getting reacquainted with Summer Bay, the detective comes across Bella and recognises her from the police files as Ross' daughter.
He offers his condolences, promising he'll track down whoever was responsible and deliver justice to her family.
Before a stunned Bella can say anything, Angelo is gone, leaving the teen in a state of panic. How will they get out of this?
Angelo is on a mission. (Channel Seven)
With a heads-up from his sister, Colby readies himself to meet Detective Rosetta. When he does he calmly relates the story that he, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Bella concocted the night before and answers all questions with ease.
But his stomach is churning…
"He has had a plan in motion in his head since he buried the body," Tim explains. "It's time to cover all his bases, get stories straight, alibis in line, and calm everyone down so he can deal with the investigation and make it go away."
How long can a guilty Colby fool the dogged detective – if he manages to fool him at all?
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