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A deadly secret and a fight to survive: Home & Away dropped a new teaser for the show’s return that’s so dramatic you’ll want to sit down before watching

We're squealing internally.

By Maddison Hockey
It's a happy Friday indeed with a double dose of goodness from Summer Bay dropping.
Following on from this morning's announcement Home And Away would be returning on February 1st , which showed the previously aired teaser for 2021, a second sneaky trailer has also been released.
And there's A LOT to unpack.
While the first trailer for this year's return teased plenty of romance and even a proposal between favourite couple Tori (Penny McNamee) and Christian (Ditch Davey), this new clip teases the much more dramatic and deadly storylines to come.
Last we saw Colby he was being surrounded by threatening inmates. (Channel Seven)
Picking up from the somewhat underwhelming 2020 finale which saw former cop turned inmate, Colby (Tim Franklin), cornered in the prison yard, fans may be shocked to see a glimpse of him unconscious in a hospital bed.
Could it be that Colby was indeed attacked within inches of his life?
Could this be the end of Colby? (Channel Seven)
The Summer Bay police officer isn't the only resident in trouble. While his love life blossoms with the possibility of a proposal, it seems Dr Christian Green could also be hiding a darker secret.
We see newcomer Lewis (Luke Arnold) warning: "He's a danger to his patients. I'll be watching him like a hawk."
Cue a tense standoff and even tenser glares between the hot doc and new nurse.
Lewis and Christian face off! (Channel Seven)
In an interview with UK entertainment website Digital Spy, Ditch, who plays Summer Bay's top neurosurgeon Dr Green, has confirmed the doctor's past will come back to haunt him on the show.
"Of course he's got secrets, and there's some things that will come up that he doesn't even know about," Ditch told the outlet.
"He's got his own past, but there's also things that are following him that he doesn't even know. He finds out when the audience does!"
Roo's half brother Kieran causes more trouble. (Channel Seven)
Fans also caught a glimpse of Roo's half brother Kieran's dark side in the final episode, and it seems there's more terrifying glimpses and perhaps a whole unmasking to come.
A montage of clips show Kieran (Rick Donald) spiralling out of control, at one point being dragged from a car.
Looks like we're in for another ripper of a year in Summer Bay!

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