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EXCLUSIVE: “Wedding, pregnancies and new faces”: Home And Away’s executive producer gives a sneak peek of the show’s 2021 return

This year is all about “new beginnings”.

By Stephen Downie
Who could forget the tense moments in the 2020 season finale of Home And Away?
Fans gulped as former cop Colby faced jail inmates baying for his blood. Elsewhere, after heartbreak, love was set to bloom once more.
In our special preview, Colby is left fighting for his life. We can also reveal a host of new characters – and the return of some familiar ones – will bring waves of drama to Summer Bay.
Series producer Lucy Addario exclusively tells TV WEEK, 2021 is all about "new beginnings".
"At its heart, this show is about love," she says. "You have to see a wedding; there'll be pregnancies and new faces. And there will be events that throw the Bay into disarray."

End of the line

Colby's in a world of trouble. (Seven)
Things were looking grim for Colby (Tim Franklin, below) after he was found guilty of killing his abusive stepfather, Ross Nixon (Justin Rosniak). The former policeman was in clear peril as the men he'd helped put in jail advanced on him.
When we pick up this season, the fight is to save him before it's too late.
"The last image was of the prisoners coming towards Colby," Lucy says.
"We see if he'll survive in prison or not.
"One of the big fears, particularly from Dean [Patrick O'Connor], who's spent time in prison, is that when they find out Colby's a cop, he's a goner."

Willow’s big decision

What will Willow do? (Seven)
Without doubt, Willow's unmasking as Witness X was one of the big shocks of 2020. Willow, as Witness X, gave evidence in Colby's trial, ultimately sealing his fate and sending him to jail.
After Willow (Sarah Roberts) then fled the Bay, you might think she was gone for good. But not so…
"While she thought she was doing the right thing in saving Dean from going down for Colby's mistake, she will return to try to make things right," Lucy says.
"What she did [testifying at Colby's trial] was for Dean, and she needs to make sure he's OK."

Hot love triangle

Things are heating up between Ziggy & Tane, but what about Dean? (Seven)
Now here's a pair with more sizzle than a Bunnings sausage barbecue!
Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Tane gave into temptation and found themselves dancing in the sheets in the season finale. While she's drawn to Tane, she still loves her ex, Dean, and here is her big dilemma in 2021.
"Ziggy wants to put everything behind her – and she really likes Tane – but Dean is very much in love with her," Lucy says.
Are you Team Tane or Team Dean?

Call the nurse

A new romance is on the horizon. (Seven)
Sparks were flying when Jasmine bumped into old friend and fellow nurse Lewis in the season finale. After losing Robbo (Jake Ryan), this is Jaz's chance to move to a different groove.
"They did date back at uni," Lucy says. "Hopefully, Lewis [Luke Arnold] is the one to make Jasmine [Sam Frost] take off her wedding ring. Lewis has history as well, and we learn he's lost his wife through an accident. Jasmine and Lewis are bonded by grief."
But Lewis is on a collision course with Dr Christian (Ditch Davey), the man he believes is responsible for his wife's death.
"There's some bad blood there," Lucy warns.

A River Boy returns

Which River Boy returns? (Seven)
In the first week, long-time fans will be treated with the reappearance of a River Boy favourite.
"He's only back in a cameo," Lucy says. "But we were glad to have him."
What has prompted the River Boy's return? We can reveal he resurfaces as part of the storyline involving Tane (Ethan Browne) and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) being blackmailed into a robbery.
As to exactly which River Boy it is, we'll just have to wait a little longer to find out…

Ticking time bomb

Alf isn't convinced by Kieran. (Seven)
Last year, stalwart Alf and his daughter Roo were gobsmacked to learn Martha had a son, Kieran.
"While it was a shock, they got over it," Lucy says of Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker).
"They're just trying to protect Martha [Belinda Giblin]– and don't quite trust Kieran [Rick Donald]."
And they had a reason not to, with Kieran's dark past of alcohol abuse and violence soon exposed. In the finale, we watched an enraged Kieran punch a tree – and it was obvious his issues were far from resolved.
This year, things spiral out of control as Kieran's battle with the booze surfaces. But could it jeopardise Alf and Martha's young marriage?
"Kieran is quite volatile," Lucy shares. "Alf and Roo are in for quite a ride."

The next step

Tori and Christian's romance is blossoming. (Seven)
Against all expectations, the romance between doctors Christian and Tori (Penny McNamee) is beating like a racehorse's heart. Last year, Tori was rocked on her heels when Christian told her he wanted to move to the Bay permanently to be with her.
"He does live in the moment and knows it's right," Lucy says. "He's smitten by Tori."
Having decided to make Summer Bay his home, Lucy says Christian and Tori's whirlwind romance moves up a notch. But are they both ready to take their relationship to another level?

Looking for love

Bridie Carter joins the cast. (Seven)
Former McLeod's Daughters star Bridie Carter returns to the show for her third role, this time as attractive real estate agent Susie McAllister. And she sets at least one heart racing.
"In comes Susie and she captures John's [Shane Withington] eye and they quickly hit it off," Lucy says.
But buckle up, as wily Susie is a larger-than-life character, she adds.
"There's more to Susie than meets the eye," Lucy hints.

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