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Georgie Parker shares a pre-COVID behind-the-scenes moment and it features some of your former Home & Away faves

Get ready to feel nostalgic!

By Faye Couros
As uncertainty brews and restrictions are tightened in the greater Sydney area because of the new Covid outbreak, Home and Away's Georgie Parker took a moment to reminisce on life before the pandemic.
The memories of life pre-Covid still exist in the front of our minds that are nostalgic for when we could go about our days with no worries about what we have touched or who we have come in contact with.
There was no 1.5 meter rule, and you could literally line up so close behind someone that they were able to feel your breath on their neck – but on second thought, that was never too fun.

Life on the Home and Away set in the noughties and 2010s was rocking on with no clue that they would have to rearrange their whole filming operation in the future because of a pandemic.
With thoughts of better days in her mind, Georgie posted a throwback shot from the set, which features some of your original favs.
The actors cued up in the iconic shot include Charlie Clausen [Zac MacGuire], Scott Lee [Hunter King], heartthrob Matthew Little [VP Patterson] and Isabella Giovinazzo [Phoebe Nicholson].
Georgie captioned the hilarious post, "Flashback to when we could queue like this☝🏼New restrictions today, but we'll get through them team ✊🏼💃🏻💟."
Fans in the comment section joined Georgie by contemplating on the better days from years past.
Ada posted this tribute for Matt Little when he left the show in 2017. Instagram
One fan wrote, "The good old days," and another follower commented, "❤️❤️❤️❤️lovely post the good old days for sure compared to now, love home and away as well, big fan Georgie and love your character and all the best."
However, one fan had something else on their mind when they commented, "Could we please see VJ again?????"
There have been a total of 16 cases of new Covid-19 recorded in Sydney, and further restrictions include: wearing masks in public places, no more than five guests in households, no drinking while standing, no dancing, gym classes limited to 20 people, and outdoor seating is reduced to 50 per cent capacity.
Charlie Clausen practising Covid safety. Instagram
Other restrictions include a one-person per four square meter rule, no singing in places of hospitality or worship, and there will be no travel outside of metropolitan Sydney.
The announcement was made in a press release from the NSW government, which can be found here.

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