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It's a mate date! Inside former Home And Away co-stars Georgie Parker and Cameron Daddo's sweet (socially distanced) reunion

''That put a spring in my step''

By Bella Brennan
It's been a year since Cameron Daddo departed the set of Home And Away but the star's strong bond with his co-star Georgie Parker still remains.
On Thursday the Sydney-based actors, who are in the midst of another lockdown, caught up for a socially distanced morning swim.
At present, the current restrictions allow you to exercise outdoors with one other person from another household within a 10m radius of your home.
The Home And Away favourites braved the chilly winter weather for a refreshing swim at Sydney's iconic Balmoral Beach. "Finally the same height, because he's 2 steps away and down from me 😃✊🏼. A beautiful physically distanced swim with Cam," Georgie, who played Roo Stewart on the show, mused next to a snap of the pair post-swim soaking up the sun on the beach.
Cameron shared a similar socially distanced selfie with his former co-star.
"Hangin' out with my ol' mate GeorgieP … an early swim to get the heart started. @georgieparker ❤️🙌#socialdistancing," the podcast host penned.
Roo and Owen reunite! The former H&A co-stars enjoyed a brisk swim at Sydney' Balmoral Beach together. (Image: Instagram
Avid Home And Away fans were quick to flood the posts with pleas of a return for Cameron's character.
"Ahhhh I miss his lovely face on the telly box, you two were so cute together," one person noted.
"Please bring him back. Love for Roo yeahhh," a second pleaded.
"I wish Cam would come back," a third agreed.
''Hangin' out with my ol' mate GeorgieP … an early swim to get the heart started.'' (Image: Instagram)
Meanwhile Georgie commented under her good mate's post: "That put a spring in my step 😃🏊🏼‍♀️☕️☕️."
Cameron's time on the show was truly unique in that he played twins, first appearing as the mysterious Evan, who was Ryder's father.
Sadly Evan passed away only for his long lost twin brother Owen to show up in Summer Bay shortly after his death, also played by Cameron.
WATCH IN THE PLAYER BELOW: Georgie Parker and Cameron Daddo discuss their character's on-screen romance. Post continues after the video...
Owen also shared a brief on-screen romance with Roo.
"Georgie cares very much about the work. She cares about getting the story right – that's why she's been working for the length of time she has," Cameron previously reflected of working with his long-time friend.
"It also doesn't hurt to have a wicked sense of humour and she buys the odd coffee for me – I take the evens. We balance things nicely!"
As Sydney battles another COVID-19 outbreak, production of Home And Away, which is filmed on Sydney's Palm Beach as well as a studio in Redfern, has suspended filming until restrictions are eased.

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