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Home and Away's Emily Symons suggests there's more heartbreak to come for her beloved character Marilyn - and it'll leave fans in bits

The actress chatted candidly about the storyline on live TV.

By Jess Pullar
Home and Away's Emily Symons has suggested there is even more heartbreak to come for her beloved character Marilyn and her husband John on the show.
In current scenes, the pair's marriage has been put to the test, with a full-blown separation looking more and more likely by the day.
It's natural that fans might hold onto hope for the two characters, who have long been together on the soap, might patch things up.
But according to Symons, it looks like things will get worse before anything gets better.
"It's been a long journey, let me tell you," Symons told The Morning Show.
"It's like a real marriage. We have been doing a lot of sad stories, with the hospital siege and then Marilyn having PTSD."
Marilyn and John have faced hurdle after hurdle. (Channel Seven)
She explained that the emotional storyline was a "natural progression" for the pair.
"We didn't need to prepare because the relationship had been disintegrating for quite a while.
"It's very sad because the joyous and funny scenes that we used to do have all dried up."
It looks like there's only more heartbreak ahead for the couple. (Channel Seven)
In scenes that went to air this week, Marilyn and John were given one last test as their relationship issues came to a head.
Newcomer Amber had the potential to build a bridge between the pair, but in reality, it only exacerbated the inevitable.
"Amber's arrival is a breath of fresh air into a tired relationship... although she gives as good as she gets," actor Shane Withington told TV WEEK.
Marilyn is grateful for the help, but admits to Roo she still feels helpless.
At home, Marilyn finds John has fallen over and races to help.
But instead of berating her, as he's been doing, the couple share a tearful exchange and admit that things just aren't working.
"John very bravely can see that Marilyn isn't happy and that it's not working," Shane said.
"Perhaps it's time for both to go their own way and pursue their own goals and values."
Eventually, Marilyn came to a tricky conclusion by deciding to move out of their home they shared together.
Excuse us as we go and stock up on the tissues now...

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