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"I'm your father": Home And Away's Evan confesses to Ryder - but what else is he hiding?

Ryder is in for more than one shock this week.

His arrival in Summer Bay has caused consternation among the Stewart family. And this week, Evan's stunning revelation will turn young Ryder's world upside-down.
In recent episodes of Home And Away, Evan (Cameron Daddo) arrived at the caravan park looking for Ryder (Lukas Radovich). Upon meeting the teen, Evan delivered unexpected news, telling him he's his biological father.
Ryder doesn't take the news well and this week rejects Evan's claims. He slams the door in his face and phones his mum for answers. To his astonishment, she tells him Evan is telling the truth.
"Ryder is incredibly doubtful about him," Cameron, 55, tells TV WEEK. "He wonders why Evan is there and wants him gone. But when his mother validates it, Ryder becomes angry that his father has abandoned him for so many years."
Evan drops a bombshell on Ryder. Image: Channel Seven
Unfortunately, the truth doesn't bring forgiveness. Evan struggles to win over the son he left when he was a child. While Ryder's aunt Roo (Georgie Parker) supports his decision to push him away, she does feel he's wasting an opportunity.
Ryder refuses to budge, forcing Evan to leave. But before he does, he hands Roo his business card and asks her to speak to her nephew. He wants to tell his side of the story.
"Evan tries to convince Ryder he just wants to get to know him – but there's a reason for it and why he's there now," Cameron says. "He apologises, but it may not be enough. He also has something to tell him."
Roo tries to talk Ryder around. Image: Channel Seven
Later, Ryder goes for a walk and comes across his father at the bus stop, readying to leave town. The tense moment is tempered by the offer of a free coffee, which Ryder reluctantly agrees to.
At the Diner, father and son stumble their way through conversation. But all the while, Ryder can't bring himself to ask one question: why has he returned? And why now?
The following day, Roo listens as Ryder reflects on his coffee with Evan. She's surprised, however, when the teen insists he doesn't want any further contact.
He can't forgive Evan for leaving him and his mother, no matter how many apologies he makes.
Cameron has quickly found himself at home on set. Image: Instagram
Yet, Evan can't seem to get the hint and sets himself up in a caravan. Over the next few days, he insinuates himself into Ryder's life any way he can.
Fed up with his presence, Ryder finally asks the question he's been afraid to ask since his father left.
"Why have you come back? Why now?" he demands.
Taking a deep breath, Evan replies with the truth – a huge bombshell that will leave Ryder questioning everything he believes in.
What does Evan say?

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