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EXCLUSIVE: Bec Hewitt reveals her favourite Hayley moments from Home And Away

''No way! I’m doing that.''

By Helen Vnuk
It's been nearly 16 years since Bec Hewitt was last seen as Hayley on Home And Away.
With Bec now back on TV in Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, TV WEEK asked her to name her favourite storylines from her seven eventful years in the Bay.
Bec, 37, says her favourite "in terms of fun" was the one where Hayley got to go in a race car.
"I love that she was a bit of a revhead," she says.
"I got to go in a race car with Terry Finnigan because my character had won a lap around the racetrack because she was into go kart racing, so that was really cool. They said, 'Do you want a stunt double to go in the car?' and I said, 'No way! I'm doing that.'"
Bec's character Hayley had a number of extreme storylines, including a plane crash. (Channel Seven)
Bec's other favourite storyline, in terms of acting, was the death of Hayley's husband Noah (Beau Brady).
"I really enjoyed working with the director and I feel like I grew a lot as an actress when it was dealing with Noah's death," she says.
"That challenged me a lot. I would have days when I would do about 10 crying scenes in a row. So it really stretched me as an actress."
Hayley was devastated by Noah's passing. (Channel Seven)
Hayley, played for the last few months by Ella Scott Lynch, left Summer Bay in late 2005,
heading off to France with Scott (Kip Gamblin).
So what does Bec think Hayley would be up to now, all these years later?
"Maybe she's got a few extra kids by now, maybe she's a sought-after artist in Paris – or maybe she's quietly living her life up in Queensland," Bec says with a laugh.
"I don't know! I guess viewers are hoping she's still with Scott."
Hayley left Summer Bay with Scott. (Channel Seven)

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