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EXCLUSIVE: Home And Away’s Ada Nicodemou shares the books you must read in isolation and reveals how she’s keeping busy

Including one very surprising autobiography!

By Maddison Hockey
Keeping busy in isolation can be tricky.
If you're finding it hard, daunting even, to brainstorm ideas to fill the never-ending isolation void, why not try a classic? Pick up a good book.
Even better, join a book club.
Better again, join a book club with beloved Home And Away stars Ada Nicodemou and Lynne McGranger.
The friends and co-stars have started their very own book club while in lockdown and fans can join in the fun.
"A lot of people are getting inspired to read through watching us do it and talk about, which is lovely," Ada tells Now To Love.
Ada has been enjoying some downtime to read. Image: Instagram
Ada and Lynne share their new pick of novels and give everyone two weeks to read before then heading to their Instagram for a live chat to discuss all the juicy details.
"I love reading a book and then being able to discuss it," Ada says.
"Not being able to do that is like going to the movies and watching a great film then not being able to share it with others."
The Mothers is one of Ada and Lynne's first book club picks. Image: Instagram
So what is the Summer Bay star currently coveting?
"I love fiction but I love autobiographies too, I love knowing about people's lives. I just finished Demi Moore's book and that was interesting," Ada reveals.
"I've read so many great books at the moment so it's very hard to choose one. The Mothers by Genevieve Gannon, Educated by Tara Westover and The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley."
Book choices aren't just down to Ada and Lynne, either. If you're reading along with the ladies of Home And Away, they want your say.
"Lynne and I put suggestions forward of books we've wanted to read then we poll it on Instagram," Ada explains.
Ada and Johnas recently celebrated Orthodox Easter at home. Image: Instagram
When the mother-of-one doesn't have her nose in the next book club novel to pass the time in isolation, she says she's hanging out with her son, Johnas.
"I'm playing with my son a lot, really getting quality time with him, I'm walking and I'm cleaning a lot too."

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