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EXCLUSIVE: Ada Nicodemou reveals why she’s loving the break from Home and Away – and spills when it could return

"We will be back soon.”

By Maddison Hockey
There's no doubt about it: COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down.
One of the biggest industries struggling to adapt in the pandemic is film and television. With no way around restrictions and working from home untenable, many of our favourite shows have had to halt production, including Home And Away.
While the iconic show remains on our screens, the question on everybody's lips is: For how long?
Recently, Neighbours announced it was returning to filming with social distancing measures in place to allow production to resume.
So, could we see Summer Bay residents do the same?
"There is talk about trying to work out a way to go back," Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah, tells Now To Love.
Ada with her co-stars, Penny Mcnamee, Emily Symons, Georgie Parker. Image: Instagram
There's "nothing definite" at the moment Ada confirms, but fans shouldn't stress, just yet.
"We're still on screen and there is still enough content that we've finished.
"So, the fans aren't missing out on anything and we will be back soon."
Cue the sigh of relief.
The first priority before being able to return to set Ada says is, of course, making sure the cast and crew are able "to do so in a safe manner."
Ada with her son Johnas. Image: Instagram
Until then the mother-of-one is more than happy to enjoy quality time at home with her son, Johnas.
"It's a really nice opportunity for me to just spend quality time with my family," she says.
"The last time I had this amount of the time with him was when I was on maternity leave. He was a baby, and I went back when he was five months."
The actress is also enjoying the "challenge" of home-schooling Johnas.
"I am loving the home schooling as much as it is challenging," she tells.
"I started with a lot of structure but I'm a lot more relaxed now," she says with a laugh.
"I mean Johnas is like seven [years old] he's in year two, if he misses out on two months of solid schoolwork, he's going to be fine."
Ada says, for her and Johnas, home schooling is about making the most of the experience and making it fun.
"I just try and make it as fun as possible and not to put too much pressure on him."
There may not be any handmade Mother's Day crafts coming home from school this year, but Ada has no doubt Johnas will be looking to spoil mum (maybe with a little help from her partner, Adam).
"They decorated the house together last year, so I've left it up to them to surprise me again this year," Ada says.
"Johnas is very cute like that, he knows it's coming up, they've been in talks about how they're going to spoil me."
We can't get enough of this adorable trio. Image: Instagram
The special day may look very different for families in isolation this year, but Ada won't be forgetting her own mum either.
"It's not going to be the same but, that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate it," she says.
Ada has teamed with Big W this year to find ways to continue to celebrate the day after a staggering 30% of households revealed they didn't know if they would commemorate the day.
"I jumped on their website last week and bought mum pamper stuff, a couple of nice jackets and a food processor because she loves pancakes."
So, if you can't make it mum's to whip her up pancakes in bed, you can always turn to the next best thing.

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