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Ada Nicodemou’s sweet tribute to partner Adam Rigby is the perfect insight into their strong relationship

''Johnas and I adore you.''

By Maddison Hockey
Home And Away actress Ada Nicodemou has shared a sweet tribute for partner Adam Rigby as he celebrates his birthday.
Taking to Instagram the actress shared a cute photo with her long-term partner complete with a gushing message.
"Happy birthday babe, I hope u feel loved and spoiled, Johnas and I adore you ❤️ you love us and support us so much, thank you for all you do for us and we love you 😍 ," she wrote.

Just weeks ago Ada had her own birthday celebrations, and Adam went all out when it came to making the day special taking the 44-year-old on a stunning helicopter trip.
She dedicated a post to Adam on Instagram to commemorate the moment, she wrote, "Adam surprised me with an early birthday present yesterday, an amazing sunset helicopter flight over Sydney."
"It was so beautiful seeing our city like I've never seen before. @blueskyhelicopters."
Ada went all out for Ada's birthday. (Instagram)
If it wasn't already clear from their sweet posts and regular influx of selfies that the couple are in it for the long haul, the Summer Bay star opened up to TV WEEK about Adam taking on the role of step dad to her son Johnas.
"Adam and Johnas adore each other; he's such a great stepdad and has really stepped up," she explained.
"For a man to come into my world and love a child as if he were his own – and love me like I've never been loved before – is incredibly special.
"I rely on him a lot, which is a real first for me. I've never been able to do that before; I've always held the reins. So it's nice to know he has our back – he's a great man."
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