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Victoria Beckham’s shock collapse

Victoria Beckham at the Academy Awards

Juggling her exhausting workload and young family saw the style queen suffer a startling meltdown on Oscar night, prompting David to order her to “get help now”.

It’s the most sparkling night of the year for the showbiz A-list, an evening where even the most famous faces on the planet are swept along by the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards.But amid a sea of smiling superstars at this year’s Oscar after-parties, one celebrity stood out for all the wrong reasons. Posing on the red carpet, Victoria Beckham looked distinctly downcast at the exclusive Vanity Fair bash, while her husband David’s smile seemed forced.

And now Woman’s Day can reveal the real reason why Posh appeared far from pleased to be part of the glittering celebrations – she had suffered an emotional meltdown just moments before the event. In a startling insight into how the former Spice Girl is struggling, despite her seemingly perfect life, sources close to the 37-year-old have Woman’s Day that the fashion designer and mother of four reached crisis point on the day of the Academy Awards.

Now, a deeply concerned Becks is considering taking drastic measures. Insiders have revealed that the soccer legend is contemplating staging an intervention with the aim of sending Posh to a rehab facility. “It may sound drastic to talk about interventions, but if she doesn’t slow down soon, something may have to be done to make her get the help she needs,” says one friend.

Adds another pal: “The plan is… some of us, including David, will sit down with Victoria and have a chat with her about slowing down. We want to start off easy with her so that she doesn’t rebel. Yes, it is an intervention, but we’re not going to give her ultimatums. We want her to go away to a facility where she can eat and rest and focus on her emotional and physical health for a while.”

Find out what David said that pushed emotional Victoria over the edge and the recommended therapy for her problems, in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale Monday March 5, 2012.

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