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The maths equation that has stumped the world

Can you crack it?

This cryptic flower quiz game will have even the most professional code-crackers scratching their heads! Despite its minute size, this quiz has had mathematics masterminds dazed and confused across the globe.

So, how do you size up? Test your skills and find the answers below.


According to Bright Side , the answer is 81.

There are two subtle details you may have looked past, first of which is the number of yellow flowers: in the third equation there are 2, and in the last one there’s just 1.

The second detail you may have missed is a little more tricky to pick up. Within the second equation, the flowers equal 5 and they have 5 petals each, all of which equal 1. In the last equation, the purple flower only has 4 petals (4×1). So, 20×4 + 1 = 81.

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