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Seven Year Switch Jackie and Tim reveal baby news

Despite major tensions between the couple on the experimental partner-swapping show, Jackie and Tim are better than ever!
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There seemed to be major tension between Tim and Jackie recently on Seven Year Switch after she learned the news that he and experimental wife Tallena’s matching tattoos were real, but in last night’s reunion episode, it seems that the couple have reconciled.

In fact, it seems they’ve never been happier – Jackie revealed they’re trying for a baby!

During a conversation with her friend Sarah, Jackie told her how they’re better than ever after the experimental partner-swap.

“Tim realised that he needed to care for me and be more affectionate and do nice things for me, which he never would have realised if we didn’t do it,” she said.

“The passion is just back, like it was for the first year and a half, before we started the business.”

“He’s like, “I want to have a baby”. And I was like, “What?” and I was crying and laughing”… he said “I realised when I was away, I’ve never missed you so much’.”

She added cheekily: “We’ve already tried 400 times in the last two days!”

This was welcome news after Jackie said it was ‘over’ with news of Tim and Tallena’s tattoos.

But is Jackie already pregnant?

Last week a recent photo of the couple circulated with Jackie sporting what could be a baby bump.

Tim and Jackie have been a rollercoaster this season of the show, with Tim and his experimental partner sleeping in the same bed and jumping in the spa together.

This will be the second baby to come from the series, with Cassie expecting a child too!

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