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Well, this is awkward! Sarah Harris’ husband asked her to wear his ex-girlfriend’s perfume

“Is it a bit weird that he wants me to wear an ex’s perfume?”
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Sarah Harris has found herself in somewhat of a pickle — a “very floral and sickly sweet” pickle.

The Studio Ten presenter is currently dealing with an awkward proposition from her husband, Tom Ward, who’s asked her to start wearing a very specific perfume. The only problem? It’s not at all her taste… oh, and, it also happens to be very same scent worn by his ex-girlfriend.

During an appearance on Dave Hughes’ show Hughesy, We Have A Problem, the 36-year-old explained the situation and asked for advice from her co-panelists — comedians Meshel Laurie, Merrick Watts and Luke McGregor.

“First of all, is it a bit weird that he wants me to wear an ex’s perfume?” she asked. “And, second of all, should I wear it?”

With all of this in mind, the group suggested she just wear it during “special times” for him. But that simply didn’t cut it for the beloved journo, who worried that would simply lead her hubby to think of the “smelly” woman precisely when he shouldn’t.

Luke — taking the idea of fantasies and running with it — then joked that if she was to concede to the bizarre request it might lead to something far more disturbing.

“What if you start wearing it and then he goes, ‘Great,'” the funnyman said, before adding: “And then he goes, ‘Now, I know this is weird as well, but if you could start wearing this ex-girlfriend mask?'”

In the end, the group were pretty unhelpful and failed to come up with a solution for the media personality. So what do you think she should do?

The straight-talking reporter recently gave birth to her second child. She announced the happy news on Instagram saying:

“He’s here! Meet Harry Scanlan Ward. Arrived yesterday weighing 4.22kg. Mum is knackered, but happy. Dad says he’s doing exceptionally well, thanks for asking!”

Harry is Sarah’s second child with her husband Tom, who already share a son called Paul.

Sarah shared her pregnancy news on Studio 10 in early June.

“I’m sick of holding my stomach in, I’m having a baby,” she said.

“You guys were so onto it. I’ve had to hide behind the desk,” she added.

One month later, she shared the happy news that she would be having another boy live on air by asking the audience to guess if she was having a girl or a boy.

She then revealed, via blue glitter exploding from a glitter cannon, that she was expecting another baby boy.

“A little brother for Pauly,” she said. “So we’ll have two little lunatics running around the house. It’s very exciting.”

Congratulations again to the happy family.

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