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Sara Leal breaks her silence: My night with Ashton

Sara Leal breaks her silence: My night with Ashton

The woman at the centre of the sex scandal threatening Ashton Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore tells her story to Woman’s Day.

From the moment she walked into his party in the Diamond Suite at San Diego’s Hard Rock Hotel in the early hours of September 23, Sara Leal could tell Ashton Kutcher was out to seduce her. “He’d graze my leg or, like, grab my hand a little bit,” Sara, 22, claims, speaking to Woman’s Day in her first interview since hooking up with the married star of Two And A Half Men. After doing shots together, the actor made her a vodka cocktail. Then, as the sun rose, he suggested the administrative assistant and her friend Marta Borzuchowski join him in the spa pool on the balcony.

“I started looking for towels,” Sara recalls. Ashton, 33, followed her into the bathroom. “He just came up and kissed me.”Moments later, all three of them were in the spa, naked, when another friend asked Ashton, “Aren’t you married?” The star fell quiet for a few seconds, then replied, “I’m separated.” Sara took him at his word – although the Texas native later learned that it was, in fact, his sixth anniversary with his wife Demi Moore, 48, from whom he was not legally separated. As partygoers dwindled, the seduction moved to the bedroom, where Sara claims they had sex twice. “He was a good lover,” she says. “But if I had known from the beginning he was married, none of this would have happened.”

How did you end up at the party?

My friend texted me. One of our mutual friends had a room right next to Ashton… We went to see what was going on and they let us in. He was in the bathroom with some girls just talking, so we went up and introduced ourselves.

Were you shocked when he asked you to go in the spa?

When you’re this age, drinking after hours, you’d get in a hot tub. I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary. I wasn’t self-conscious about getting naked.

But people could see you?

I was sitting on his lap and then these strange people came out from next door and kept trying to talk to us. Ashton was like, “Let’s go inside… Go in my room and shut the door.”

Read more the full interview with Sara Leal, including the intimate moments with Ashton and what she would say to Demi Moore in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale October 17, 2011.

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