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Roxy Jacenko’s six-year-old daughter was “confronted” at school about her dad’s jail sentence

The PR mogul told her kids that their dad was in China on business as he served out his sentence.
Roxy Jacenko, Pixie Curtis

Roxy Jacenko’s daughter has learned the truth about her father Oliver Curtis’ time behind bars.

Speaking with Studio 10 on Tuesday morning, the 37-year-old revealed that her daughter had been “confronted” at school about her dad’s year-long jail sentence.

“Pixie has been confronted by someone at school,” she told the panel. “She was upset when she got home and someone had said that her father had broken out of jail.”

Pixie, six, and her brother Hunter, three, were told that there father was away on business in China as he spent twelve months in jail for conspiracy to commit insider trading. However, the mother-of-two said that she and her husband would soon explain the truth of the situation to their eldest child.

“The reality is, we will tell her,” she said. “I don’t believe I can keep it a secret forever but for now she is young. She is getting into the groove of having her father home and it is not something that needs to come up.”

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, Oliver opened up about his time in Cooma Correctional Centre.

The disgraced investment banker revealed the tasks he was assigned while serving out his sentence — cooking, gardening and perhaps most unexpectedly, grooming his fellow inmates.

“Someone had to do it, and I put my hand up,” he told the publication. “I can do a good short back and sides.”

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The 32-year-old said living behind bars was a “difficult” experience.

“It was tough, but you come out a stronger person,” he told the publication. “It was a very difficult time. It was something that I could not prepare for, something you cannot plan for.”

“That is something that I would not wish on anybody,” he said. “It was an experience, one that I have put behind me. You appreciate a lot of different things a lot more.”

Oliver was released from the facility on June 23 after a year in jail. He was charged and convicted for the $1.43 million he secured through trades that were based on illegal tip-offs given to him by his childhood friend and former Orion Asset Management employee John Hartman.

He had been sentenced to two years jail, but was released after just one year on good behaviour.

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