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Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy spotted together again!

Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy

It was a royally romantic reunion when the prince bumped into his ex at a Christmas concert. Our veteran royal reporter Judy Wade witnessed the encounter.

She is his lost love, the girl he adores but can never marry. So it brought a rush of mixed emotions when Prince Harry bumped into Chelsy Davy at a Christmas carol concert in London. Surprise turned to joy as the blonde bombshell and the royal rascal arrived separately, then collided in a crush of guests entering St Luke’s Church in Chelsea. In one moment, Harry reached out and drew her into his arms for a lingering kiss, while Chelsy looked ecstatically happy to see him again. It was almost as if their May 2010 split, which ended their seven-year love affair, had never happened.

Oblivious to the crowd around them, the former lovebirds clung to each other for a few minutes, hugging as if they would never let go. While Chelsy, 26, has chosen independence and her legal career over being a prince’s bride, her body language hinted that she might be having second thoughts. And though dozens of gorgeous young women gathered around, all anxious to say hello to the world’s most eligible bachelor, Harry, 27, had eyes only for Chelsy. Sadly their reunion could only be brief.

As guest of honour, Harry knew he had to move inside, greet his hosts and do his princely duty, leaving Chelsy to walk off and find her own seat several rows away. The concert was a fundraiser for the charity set up in memory of Harry’s best friend at school, Henry van Straubenzee, who died in a 2002 car crash. As patron, the prince gave a heartfelt speech declaring, “It’s never easy losing someone close to you.”Although, of course, he was referring to his buddy and his late mother, Diana, one guest tells Woman’s Day, “It seemed to me he was also talking about Chelsy because he often gazed at her as he spoke.

”As the concert ended, Harry lingered outside the church, chatting to Carole Middleton, mother of Kate and Pippa, as if hanging around in the hope of stealing another moment with Chelsy. He was rewarded when she appeared with a group of friends and they asked him to join them at the nearby Brompton Club bar, where they partied until 2.30am. The former flames parted with another lingering hug before going their separate ways once again.

See more, including the exclusive pictures of Harry and Chesly’s reunion, in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale December 12, 2011.

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