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People are celebrating the nicest celebrities in Hollywood

It's a dark time in Hollywood, so people are sharing the light.

It is unquestionably a very dark time in Hollywood right now.

As soon as sexual misconduct claims were made against Harvey Weinstein, the entire archaic fabric of patriarchal Hollywood began to unravel.

Sexual misconduct allegations came pouring out against a multitude of Hollywood heavyweights like Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner and Dustin Hoffman.

So many stories of harassment and transgression are flooding out that it can be easy to think there are no good people in Hollywood at all.

But thankfully these heartwarming Twitter stories prove that is not the case.

A Twitter user called @bakkooonn asked the internet to share their positive encounters with celebrities, and people online were only too happy to oblige.

Check them out below.

Did anyone ever doubt Amy Adams was a beautiful soul?


Danny DeVito may be the nicest man in Hollywood


Tyra Banks is apparently just lovely


And Robin Williams…

We want to play Frisbee with Michael Keaton



And you can’t have a Hollywood nice guy list without Tom Hanks

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