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Michael Jackson’s family relieved

As the verdict of the six week trial of doctor Conrad Murray was carried out today, Michael Jackson’s family sighed with relief.

The personal physician, to the pop star was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and refused bail. He was lead from the court room in handcuffs and will be sentenced on November 29.

As the jury read the verdict a shout came up from the audience section of the courtroom where Jackson’s family was sitting including La Toya who cried, “Yes!” and Jackson’s mother Katherine who wiped away tears, People magazine reports.

La Toya later told CNN that he she felt Michael in the courtroom. “He was in that courtroom and that’s why victory was served,” she said.

Katherine and Joe Jackson arrive at the court room.

Dr Conrad Murray being handcuffed before being led from the court room.

Latoya Jackson’s reaction to the guilty verdict.

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