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EXCLUSIVE: Survivor’s Michael Crocker reveals his upcoming nuptials and why he loves having a blended family

''I’m just trying to hopefully have a good influence on them.''
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Michael Crocker and his impeccable beard were a true force on Survivor: Blood V Water.

But the former NRL player’s journey was cut short when Jesse betrayed him by working with Ben to eliminate him.

Though Croc admits he felt “angry” and “disappointed” for not seeing his demise coming despite the signs, he is still grateful for the experience.

“I didn’t have any nightmares last night… at the end of the day, I am more angry at myself. It is what it is, you got to move forward, I am just glad to have been a part of the experience,” he exclusively tells TV WEEK.

“I need to be more external and more aware of what is happening around me.”

“I am just glad to have been a part of the experience.”

(Image: Ten)

However, it’s not all bad because Michael can now watch his sister-in-law and Survivor pair Chrissy Zaremba flourish.

“She is absolutely crushing it! She’s so far out of her comfort zone and from early on she showed how competitive she is and built some really good relationships,”Michael gushes.

Survivor may be a physically and mentally gruelling game, but during downtime it also offered Michael moments to connect with people on a deep level.

“The rest of the time was sharing stories and experiences, being vulnerable and having a laugh or cry and going through that whole gamut of emotions, with no other distractions you can build genuine connections really quickly,” remembers Michael.

Michael says his sister-in-law Chrissy Zaremba is “absolutely crushing it!”

(Image: Ten)

Even though the 41-year-old left the competition sooner than he wanted, he got to go home to his close-knit blended family, who undoubtedly missed him while he was away.

Michael has been engaged to his partner Kiri Monna-Procter since 2019 after meeting through friends, and the couple have had to put their dream destination wedding plans on hold due to the pandemic.

“As soon as that happens with travel restrictions easing and being able to fly this year, we’ll see how we go.”

Michael with his fiancée Kiri Monna-Procter.

(Image: Instagram)

Michael doesn’t have biological children, but he’s taken to life as a stepparent with ease and the best of intentions.

He reveals to TV WEEK that he hopes to lead by example and help guide Kiri’s sons while respecting their father’s role in their lives.

“I just see my role as more of a mentor and teach them life lessons and they still have a really good bond with their dad and that is something I could never replace,” he says.

“I just know that they eventually down the track will hopefully have learnt a lot from me in the way I act and the way I treat people.”

“The rest of the time was sharing stories and experiences.”

(Image: Ten)

While on Survivor, Michael’s parenting ethos was affirmed by his teammates Jesse and Jordon, who also have stepdads.

“Look, you may not realise it now, but our stepparents were the same and we value and appreciate and love everything they have done for us and just know that they may not realise now, once they get over and realise you had such a profound impact on them that’s going to be real special,” they said on the show.

As for having biological children with Kiri, Michael reveals it’s something they’re “working out at the moment,” but he “would love to have one.”

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