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Madonna and toy boy headed for split?

Madonna and toy boy headed for split?

Madonna with Brahim Zaibat (left) and Brahim with his dance partner Katrina Patchett.

It appears that Madonna, 58, and her 28-year-old toy boy of three years Brahim Zaibat are on the rocks.

While the pair recently reunited in Manhattan, they previously hadn’t been seen together for weeks.

Madonna has been spending time with her ex-husband Sean Penn while Brahim, who recently signed up to appear on the French version of Dancing with the Stars, has been in France spending a lot of time with his dance partner Katrina Patchett.

The pair has posted a series of sexy selfies on Twitter showing them practicing dance moves and cuddling up in cutesy poses.

Brahim and Madonna reunited in NYC on October 20 before he headed back to France to prepare for the show, while Madge and Sean headed to Haiti together for a charity event just before Thanksgiving.

Madonna’s son Rocco joined the pair and posted happy snaps with Sean from the trip.

Madonna and Brahim caught up most recently in Manhattan on December 1 but while he was pictured looking cranky and irritated with Madonna, he later appeared happy and cheerful with Katrina who accompanied him on the trip.

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