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Aussie model Madeline Stuart in recovery after open heart surgery

The 22-year-old went into heart failure over the weekend and was rushed into surgery.
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Model Madeline Stuart is in recovery after undergoing open heart surgery on Monday.

The 22-year-old, who found fame as the first international model with Down Syndrome, went into heart failure and was rushed to emergency.

Her mum, Rosanne Stuart, took to Instagram on behalf of Maddie to share the news.

“So today we checked into hospital, unfortunately I have gone into heart failure and my heart has enlarged to a point where if they do not operate it will not be able to be fixed,” she wrote.

“Tomorrow morning I will have open heart surgery to hopefully repair my Mitral valve that has reached a 4 out of 4 defect [sic].

“I am sorry I have not shared this news sooner but it has been a very stressful time.”

Rosanne then took to Instagram to update Maddie’s 191k followers, post operation.

“So happy to share that Maddy is 17hrs post op, she is off the ventilator, very uncomfortable but doing ok, hoping all goes well today and they will remove some of her many tubes and leads,” she wrote.

She then went on to say that a “lemonade ice block for breakfast wasn’t quite enough to make us happy but the worst is over”.

She then thanked everyone for all of their beautiful messages of love and support.

The beautiful Maddie on a catwalk at New York Fashion Week. (Source: Getty)

Maddie’s story has been nothing short of inspirational and in an exclusive interview with Now to Love, her mum opened up about just how amazing she really is.

“When she was born, the doctors and nurses came to me and they gave me all of this literature which wasn’t positive,” Rosanne said.

“But for me, there was no option,” she said.

Rosanne has always had one goal in mind for her daughter and that was to afford her all of the opportunities that life could give, and now she wants others to do the same.

“I wanted others to see how amazing people with Down Syndrome are,” she said. “And now, we’re putting it out there so that people can see that there’s hope, and just because you have a disability, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve your dreams.”

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Madeline was cast into the spotlight after she a photo shoot she did was shared on social media.

“We shared the photos online and said, “love yourself” and “stay fit, it will give you a long life” as we wanted to encourage people to stay healthy,” she said.

The photo went viral and was seen by over 7.2 million people in just one week and published in over 150 countries around the world.

Within a month, Madeline had three different fashion houses asking for her to do New York Fashion Week.

“The first ever catwalk she did was in New York,” Rosanne said and now, Madeline does 18 shows per season.

Since then Madeline has gone viral six times, she’s done the last six seasons of New York Fashion Week plus has modelled in London, Dubai and in Australia for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and last February, she was named the Number One Fashion Game Changer in Forbes magazine.

Sending Maddie well wishes and love during her recovery and hope to see her up and about, owning the catwalk very soon!

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