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Lady Gaga is reportedly engaged to Christian Carino

And they have been for a few months!
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Lady Gaga and Christian Carino, her talent-agent-turned-special-someone, are reportedly engaged.

A source told Us Weekly that the couple “secretly got engaged” a few months back, after Christian asked Gaga’s father for his permission.

But the duo, who were first linked to one another in January, won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon. Instead, they’ll be focusing on the singer-songwriter’s ongoing health battle.

As previously reported, the “Bad Romance” hitmaker suffers from fibromyalgia — a form of chronic pain.

Gaga has linked the pain to having been raped at 19. She has said her chronic pain transpired from a “paralysing fear” she’d been suffering from the years since the attack. Injury or trauma can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which Gaga has said she suffers from, and the condition has been linked with fibromyalgia.

“When something traumatic happens, your brain disconnects so that it can handle it,” Gaga explained during an earlier interview with The Morning Show.

“But, it stays in your body, in your tissues, physically in you.”

At the press conference for the Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, the “Born This Way” singer acknowledged that some might not understand her pain given how she manages to produce such grand and energetic performances – and in those heels. But she wants to inspire people with her documentary, which closely follows her struggle.

“There’s a degree of self-deprecation and shame that goes along with feeling in pain a lot,” she said.

“I want people that watch it that think there’s no way I live that way because they see me dance and sing, to know I struggle with things like them and that I work through it and that it can be done.”

WATCH: Lady Gaga reveals her struggle with PTSD. Post continues…

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The film’s director, Chris Moukarbel, confirmed that it was difficult following the star during the making of her album Joanne in 2016, while she also sought treatment for chronic pain.

“It was incredibly hard, on a basic fundamental human level, to be near someone experiencing pain like that,” he said.

“There’s nothing you can do, beyond filming.”

Gaga was previously engaged to Taylor Kinney, but she and the actor split in 2016 after five years together.

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