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Jessica Mauboy reveals her ultimate fit tips

The beloved TV star spills on how she dropped TWO dress sizes and kept it off!
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Singer and actress Jessica Mauboy is living, breathing proof that you can lose the weight AND keep it off.

The 28-year-old’s body has changed dramatically since she found fame on Australian Idol back in 2006, and credits the change to overhauling her diet.

She says being mindful of her diet has made a huge difference, as she now thinks of food as fuel and how they’ll affect her body and performance. “What’s going to spike it a little bit and what’s going to bring it crashing down,” Jess explains.

But even Jess is the first to admit that we’re all human and we all “cheat, sometimes.”

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Day on a Plate?

Brekkie usually happens post-workout for Jess with a bowl of muesli and fresh salads with lean protein are her go-to for lunch.

“My ideal kind of food would be a normal cabbage salad and chicken or fish,” she says. A healthy stir-fry for dinner is also her fave to whip up.

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Cheeky cheat days?

Jess admits that if she slips up, it tends to be on the weekends.

“My cheekies are almond chocolate and salt and vinegar chips,” she says.

Despite her weekend workouts, she says her snacking game is strong.

“I’ll go to the movies on Saturday night and take, like, a packet of chips and watch the movie and just be, like, snacking.”

We’re with you, girl!

When it comes to exercise Jess loves an early morning run, with music pumping in her ears.

Jess the Masterchef?

“I love cooking,” Jess admits.

“I love making a Penang curry. I do love Basmati rice, and then just having a fish curry with potatoes and carrots.”

Her boyfriend Themeli Magripilis is a very lucky man!

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Workout Must-Haves?

An early morning run (with some “90s house music” pumping in the background) is Jess’ idea of a perfect start to the day.

“It gets me up and gets my energy going,” she says.

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