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Jena Malone is engaged to Ethan DeLorenzo

And her adorable announcement featured their son Ode in a starring role!
Jena Malone Ethan DeLorenzo

Jena Malone said yes!

The Hunger Games actress is engaged to her long-time partner Ethan DeLorenzo.

She made the big announcement in the cutest way on social media, with the couple’s newborn son playing a starring role.

The picture featured little Ode Mountain staring lovingly up at his mum while she stroked his head, a giant diamond ring featuring on her hand.

What a gorgeous way of breaking the news, Jena!

The pair are more in love than ever following the birth of their son.

“One day, after all the youthful rushing quiets in your heart, you realize there’s nothing more you need,” she wrote alongside the image.

“Nothing more you want to achieve than to build your life around love. And oh the things we will get to build together. I couldn’t be happier. I love you Ethan.”

The message ended with #isaidyes and a diamond ring emoji.

Jena’s baby announcement was just as heartwarming as her engagement. See the precious moment in the video below. Post continues!

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They’re thrilled to be making it official.

The 31-year-old new mum welcomed the couple’s three-month-old son in May after revealing the pregnancy in January.

Jena has made no secret of her love for Ethan, often gushing about him on social media.

She posted this sweet snap just after she gave birth.

“Thank you for being the living, breathing definition of a true partner,” she once wrote in a previous post.

“Your sacrifice and dedication to the ones you love.

“You’re the best man I’ve ever met and I can’t wait to watch you become what you were destined to become, an amazing father.”

Aw, you guys!

Jena confessed her secret to those shaved head scenes in The Hunger Games. Find out what it was in the video below.

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