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Hugh and Deb’s adoption joy!

Hugh and Deb's adoption joy!

Hugh Jackman and his “force of nature” wife Deborra-lee Furness have a very special reason to celebrate.

Witnessing the birth of their son was a life-changing event that Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-lee Furness will never forget.

“Deb had tears streaming down her face,” says Hugh of the moment Oscar’s birth mother brought him into the world. “It was a very emotional moment.” “You can’t put it into words,” says Deborra-lee.

Now, after a deeply personal six-year crusade to change Australia’s strict adoption laws, Deb has had her most significant win, paving the way for more couples to adopt, after a successful meeting with Tony Abbott.

And it’s clear her superstar husband of 17 years couldn’t be more proud of Deb’s achievements. “She’s the greatest woman in the world,” Hugh tells Woman’s Day. “Adoption is a topic that just five or six years ago people didn’t want to talk about and now it is right out there. She’s a force of nature, Deb. What she has helped with out in the community is extraordinary.”

Read more of our interview with Hugh in this week’s issue of Woman’s Day, on sale Monday, December 30, 2013.

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