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Crown Princess Mary’s family crisis

Princess Mary's family crisis

Her plans for an extended summer family holiday back home in Australia have been dashed by the rigours of royalty.

It was meant to be the ultimate happy homecoming, Crown Princess Mary’s chance to show her four children a true-blue Aussie Christmas. Sadly for Mary, the demands of her royal duty as the future queen of Denmark have seen her forced to shorten her dream holiday, throwing her family into crisis. Yet again, she has been forced to make the agonising choice between following her heart and the demands of the palace.

It was widely reported and expected by her Australian family that Mary, 39, would be here for a traditional family Christmas – a time when the Donaldsons get together for barbies, sumptuous seafood and rowdy, impromptu games of backyard cricket and footy. But according to the Danish Royal Court, Mary and her family must return to Copenhagen, heading off any anticipated furore from Danes that the future queen and heirs to the throne would be celebrating Christmas in another country. It seems Denmark’s royal family and Queen Margrethe have their own traditions which must be observed.

It’s not known when Mary will depart Australia, but she certainly won’t be having the extended holiday that was originally planned. Asked if Mary had been ordered to cut her time in Australia short, a spokesperson from the Danish Consulate remained tight-lipped, only saying, “I cannot comment either way on that.” Showing her customary grace and poise, Mary remains determined to make the most of what must be an emotionally testing time. Radiant and thrilled to be back home under her cherished blue skies, she can’t wait to show off her delightful twins.

Kicking off with the “official’’ part of the visit that will see Mary and Crown Prince Frederik take in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and a surprise outback visit to Broken Hill, the popular princess is making sure this shortened summer trip Down Under will be more pleasure than business. It is more about renewing her romance with her homeland. Mary wants her family to experience an Aussie summer holiday, to take in the sights and sounds of her childhood. The trip is also her chance to introduce her twins, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, 10 months, to her Aussie family and friends.

Read more about why Mary won’t be seeing her Aussie family when she visits Australia and see the itinerary for her trip in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale November 21, 2011.

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