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The Bachelor viewers call out tacky product placement

Viewers weren't fooled by the bizarre product placement on last night's episode of The Bachelor.
Noni Janur, Olena Khamula, The Bachelor

Bikini designer and bacon enthusiast Noni was eliminated along with intruder Khalia on last night’s episode of the Channel Ten dating show.

But before her teary departure, Noni also played the very important role of delivering a questionable product placement of some Extra chewing gum.

The Bachelor viewers weren’t fooled by the show’s attempt at subtle product placement

The tacky ad took place during the group challenge that saw five girls test their compatibility with Richie by doing a “feel test” while the other girls watched on from inside the mansion.

The camera abruptly panned to a clear shot of Noni’s hand reaching for a packet of gum while she was joking about kissing Richie with the other girls.

The totally obvious sponsored shot certainly didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home, who took to Twitter to point it out:


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