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Ajay Rochester’s son’s shock: Mummy, that fat woman is you!

Ajay Rochester's son's shock: Mummy, that fat woman is you!

Ajay Rochester describes in her own words her humiliation when she finally became a cover girl – as the “worst bikini body ever”.

With two weeks off over Christmas [a break from shooting Channel 9’s new weight loss series Excess Baggage], I flew back to LA to spend it with my darling boy Kai. Home and with a Christmas meal to cook the very next day, we raced off to the supermarket to grab some groceries.

“Standing at the checkout, my eyes skim across a magazine I never look twice at, the National Enquirer, and I think, ‘Oh, wow, some random celebrity has the very same bikini as me’. I can’t see the face of the alleged celebrity because there is a sticker across it, claiming that $2 and a turn of a page guarantees a peepshow of the best and worst beach bodies of all time. “It takes me a few seconds. I’m not sure how long, but time stood still, crickets chirped, while clocks probably ticked loudly… and then it hit me! “I looked a little closer at the fat spilling out over the bikini bottom and marvelled at the back fat spilling out of the top like a nicely rolled roast.

“Oh my god! That fat celebrity with the worst beach body of all time was ME! ME! Oh my god! I am on the cover of a magazine, the fattest I have been in years! Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear! “I look around, forgetting that I am in America and no-one knows who I am (it’s only in Australia that people scrutinise my every move), and I grab the magazine, dying a thousand deaths.

“I show Kai, pointing and – unlike me – unable to find the words to describe the horror I am experiencing, but he sympathises immediately. “‘Oh my gosh,’ he says. ‘Why do they do that? That poor person. That’s just rude. Imagine how they feel…’ “At first I think he is joking. Then I realise, bless him, he doesn’t realise it is me – his mother – on the cover of a magazine I hope none of his friends ever get their hands on.

Read more about Ajay’s shock and see her bikini body pictures in this week’s Woman’s Day on sale January 23, 2012.

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