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Your suspicions are correct! You would totally be Zoë Foster Blake's best friend and she knows it too

Just casually planning to do face masks with Zoë!

By Faye Couros
Yesterday, the very credible and lauded publication, the Betoota Advocate, reported on a local mum who is convinced she would be best friends with Zoë Foster Blake.
The mother named Dani Pixley, 40, talked to the publication about how she wants to host Zoë and her husband Hamish Blake for dinner because she believes they would have an honest and wonderful friendship.
"She just gets me," said Dani.
Dani's week, month and year has been made! Instagram
Well, this so-called Dani character was likely squealing with excitement last night when Zoë gave her, and all women everywhere, the tick of friendship approval.
The Go-To Skincare creator reposted the Betoota Advocate article onto her Instagram story to reveal her feelings about her budding friendship.
"Oh but we WOULD [be friends]! We'd chat about clay masks and skin needling and where kid's Vans are on sale rn and bralettes at work y/n," she shared excitedly.
"And why an americano is the best drink cos it's halfway between a Campari and soda and a negroni, and how do we watch Hacks in Australia."
To end her message Zoë added a hilarious visual cue, "and trails off to fade."
No one needs any proof that the author would be a great girlfriend to have to cheer you on from the sidelines.
Just imagine yourself next to Zoë with your own americano. Instagram
In 2018, Rebecca Harding, Andy Lee's girlfriend, revealed to the Daily Mail Australia on Derby Day that our fictional pal Dani's suspicions are correct.
Speaking about her strong bond with Zoë the model told the publication that, "She's a legend, a good friend of mine."
Bec went on to confirm the mother-of-two is a great source of advice and that she the perfect sister figure in her life.
"I'm very lucky to have her in my life as sort of an older sister figure.
Who said three is a crowd? Instagram
"She helps me out with so much and gives me a lot of advice, so I'm very lucky to have her," she said.
Well, there you have it for women who love skincare, have serious opinions on cocktails, are on the eternal hunt for half price vans, and loves a good bralette you can count on Zoë as a friend.