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EXCLUSIVE: Yummy Mummies star Maria DiGeronimo welcomes her baby son

And his name is nothing short of perfection!

By Brigid Auchettl
It was love at first sight when Maria DiGeronimo held her newborn baby boy for the first time.
The reality TV star of Yummy Mummies welcomed son Cartel Vannini three weeks ago and since then life has been a whirlwind of emotions.
"A part of me couldn't believe he was actually in my arms, while the other part felt like I had known him my entire life," admits Maria, 34.
Arriving fashionably late, Cartel was four days overdue when he was born at 3.01pm on February 18, weighing in at a healthy 4.08kg.
But of course for his mum, the newborn was well worth the wait.
"Knowing we've brought another angel into this world is so special," the Adelaide mum tells Woman's Day.
With her fiancé Carlos Vannini, 37, and four-year-old daughter Valentina by her side, the now mother-of-two says she feels "complete".
"I couldn't stop the tears," says Maria, who revealed she was expecting 
a baby boy in August last year.
Maria was overwhelmed with joy at the birth of her son. (Image: Sweet Image Photography)
Maria's pregnancy with Valentina, and early months of motherhood, were featured in season one of Netflix series Yummy Mummies.
But this time, without cameras, TV crews or catfights in sight, 
the nine months before Cartel's arrival was a very different experience.
"I had a lot more time to be able to really prepare myself for labour... this time without cameras," says Maria, who celebrated her son's arrival with an intimate family party just 24 hours after his birth.
"Carlos was extremely supportive during the birth and this pregnancy. He didn't leave my side the entire time."
Little man Cartel was born on February 18. (Image: Sweet Image Photography)
Maria was no stranger to making headlines while starring in Yummy Mummies, which followed four expectant Aussie mums with luxurious lifestyles.
Known for her wild fights with castmates and a love of designer labels and lavish spending, Maria promises 
she's changed her ways since she first became a mum.
"Motherhood has given me a huge amount of perspective," says Maria. "I'm so grateful for my family. Nothing in life is more important."
But she still loves the finer things 
in life.
Sneaking in as much rest and relaxation as possible before their new arrival, and the many sleepless nights ahead, Maria, Carlos and Valentina recently splashed out on a luxury babymoon in Queensland's five-star resort, The Fantauzzo.
Sister Valentina already calls her brother her "best friend." (Image: Sweet Image Photography)
The family have also spared no expense preparing for their baby boy's arrival.
Often treating her "mini-me" Valentina to matching designer outfits and $4000 handbags, Maria has now splurged on Swarovski crystal encrusted dummies for her "prince"!
"We had no boys' stuff prepared, so we did a lot of shopping," says Maria, who says her son is already 
a mini-version of his dad.
"I'm currently learning about boys' fashion, with help from Carlos, of course."
So far there's not been any sibling rivalry from proud big sister Valentina, who is already calling baby Cartel her best friend.
"The happiness on Valentina's face as she met her baby brother for the very first time is something I will treasure forever," recalls an emotional Maria.
"She adores being a big sister."
The family couldn't be happier about the new arrival. (Image: Sweet Image Photography)
Maria has shared every step of her pregnancy journey with her dedicated 610,000 Instagram followers, even 
turning to them for advice on how to bring on labour.
And the reality star admits she hasn't given up on the idea 
of returning to our screens.
"If the right opportunity was presented, we would consider it," says Maria, 
who also updates fans on family life through her children's Instagram page @VanniniKidz.
"But for now, I would like us to enjoy quality time together as a family."
WATCH IN THE PLAYER BELOW: Maria shares her thoughts on breastfeeding. Post continues after the video...
And although Carlos would happily add to their brood, Maria couldn't be happier with how things stand now.
"Carlos says more kids, however I feel 
so blessed to have two children."
"I think one boy and a girl is my dream little family."

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