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You won’t believe how much Oprah was paid to tweet about bread

Hint: it’s higher than $10 million!

Well, we wouldn’t mind a small cut of this money!
Oprah Winfrey has just gotten a little bit richer, all because she tweeted about bread.
Yes, you read that correctly!
The 61-year-old posted a video to her Twitter, announcing that she has lost 26 pounds so far after following the Weight Watchers eating plan.
“I lost 26 pounds, and I have eaten bread every single day,” she says in the clip.
Shortly after she tweeted it, the Weight Watchers stock went up by a little over $2 per share.
And seeing that she owns six million shares in the company, that means her share in the company went up by a whopping $12 million.
Feel free to send some of that cash our way, Oprah…

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