All the stunning photos shared by celebs as the Women Supporting Women movement takes hold

''Today, tomorrow and always.''

By Maddison Hockey
If you've woken up this morning and found your Instagram feed is awash with your favourite celebs sharing black-and-white selfies, you're not alone.
The social movement has women, both famous and not, posting photos in solidarity and support of one another.
At the heart of the campaign is a simple notion about women supporting women.
The viral trend works by sharing a black-and-white image of yourself and nominating others to join in.
In the hope of promoting positivity and female empowerment, women everywhere are sharing not only photos of themselves but uplifting messages to one another.
Often starting with the words "challenge accepted", these women write about "supporting women today, tomorrow and always."
In times like these (read: 2020, the year that never ends), when isolation can become crippling, a simple selfie and message from a close girlfriend can go a long way.
Women tearing down other women has long been a problem in society, and while the movement is a breath of fresh air there's still a long way to go.
But, with the hashtag quickly gaining traction, amassing over 6 million images and counting, it's inspiring to see the support and power women can create, particularly for one another.
Leading the movement are some of the country's most notable celebs. We've rounded up their best snaps.