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Winners and Losers’ Melanie Vallejo is having her first baby!

And she’s managed to keep the secret for a good six months.

By Elizabeth Best
Looks like this Winners and Losers star is on a winning streak!
Melanie Vallejo from the hit Australian series has just announced she’s pregnant!
The actress surprised Australia by taking to social media and releasing a picture of her baby bump.
And it seems she’s managed to keep it a secret for ages, because the mother to be looks like she’s pretty far along!
Whoa mama! A very pregnant Melanie looks glowing!
It's the first baby for Melanie and her hubby Matt Kingston.
According to news.com.au, the 36-year-old is believed to be six months along.
Melanie captioned the cute snap: "Here's what I've been up to since filming wrapped on @winnerslosers7 - my most exciting role to date!"
And she has strong views about what gender she wants! Check out Melanie confessing her baby wishes in the video below. Post continues.
This is the first child for Melanie and her husband Matt Kingston, who were married back in 2011.
She was able to keep the bub under wraps for so long because she finished filming her final scenes of Winners and Losers’ final season more than a year ago.
Melanie was very emotional farewelling her co-stars.
The actress was so thrilled when co-star Zoe Tuckewell-Smith was pregnant and now she's having one of her own!
The actress, best known for her role as Sophie Wong, told the public that this would be the final season of the show earlier this year.
She admitted to The Daily Telegraph that her final scenes for the series were very emotional for her.
Melanie and Matt are thrilled about their little impending arrival.
“I was in tears!” she confessed to the publication.
“There are lots of tears. It made filming really easy to shoot because there was lots of sobbing.
“I can wholeheartedly say that if feels satisfying and worth it in the end,” she said.

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