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Baby’s first TV appearance! Willow joins Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski on The Morning Show

The proud new parents even woke her up for the milestone moment.

By Bella Brennan
For most babies, their list of achievements follow a pretty regular route. From their first bath to their first word, these are all special moments that should be celebrated. But when you’re the one and only Bachelor Australia bub, you can add first live TV appearance to that list.
And on Thursday, 2015 Bachelor couple Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski appeared on The Morning Show to officially introduce their newborn daughter Willow Wendy Wood, who was born last month, to the world.
Explaining the meaning behind his daughter’s moniker, personal trainer Sam revealed she’s names after his late mother Wendy
“She’s [named] after my mum who passed away when I was 15, Wendy… [Her initals] WWW. We really think the name suits her,” he explained to hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur.
It’s hard to believe that little Willow is the result of a reality TV show and it’s something Sam and Snez still find themselves in awe of.
When asked if he ever expected his experience as The Bachelor to pan out the way it did, Sam admitted: “To be honest no. It’s been totally beyond expectations. It’s something you hope for but the way it’s happened through a reality TV show... I guess it’s not something neither of us thought would happen."
"Here we are! Best thing that happened to me.”
The Bachelor couple are loving parenthood.
Snez, 37, confessed she thought she’d be booted out of the show very early on.
“I honestly thought I’d be out of there within a week… two max if I was lucky. But yeah, that didn’t happen,” the mother-of-two laughed.
“You’ve got to pinch yourself,” Sam, also 37, added.
During their chat, an excited Sam decided to check in on his sleeping daughter, who was begging to stir.
Snez admits she can't believe she's ended up with a baby and a husband-to-be as a result of the reality TV show.
As he picked up Willow and showed her to the camera, Larry joked: “I can't believe you woke her up! What a rotten dad.”
“He does that all the time. The slightest little noise and he's like, ‘oh I'll pick her up!'” Snez giggled.
The couple also set the record straight on a previous interview they’d given on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, where they hinted Willow could have been conceived on a plane during a long-haul flight to Europe.
“That was just a bit of tongue-in-cheek with Kyle. We’re not sure where she was conceived,” Snez insisted.
“We had a little trip to visit one of my 28 clients in Edinburgh about nine months before she was born. Doing the maths, it was a nice little romantic trip away,” Sam said.

Snez, who has a 12-year-old daughter Eve from a previous relationship, also opened up about using fiance Sam's 28 program to work out during her pregnancy.
"Obviously I wan’t lifting heavy weights or anything like that. I was carefully monitored by Sam and he helped me out and told me what I can and can’t do. I was making sure I stayed fit throughout," the lifestyle blogger told.
"It wasn’t too intense. There were plenty of days off or just walks around the block. When you’re pregnant you definitely have to listen to your body and do what you can, when you can. Snez hasn’t started training back again. Once we get the six week check from the doc, we’ll ease our way back in," Sam added.